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Take advantage of the latest advancements in the photography capture and editing processes. Every photo is a composite of 3-10 images expertly blended in photoshop for beyond perfect lighting.  

All About Lighting

High-end real estate photography is all about lighting.  Interiors almost always have a mix of orange incandescent lighting with bright blue window light and the combination looks muddy and gross with HDR photography or a snapshot.  Careful balancing of flash and window light is what sets Citadel Photography apart and gives us that signature bright clean look.

Realistic Perspectives

Many photographers use fish eye lenses which make properties look unrealistically huge.  That may book showings, but ultimately just wastes a listing agent’s time.  Citadel uses a maximum wide-angle lens of 17mm which is wide enough to capture the space, but looks very real and true to life so you attract the right prospects.

Drone Photography

Nothing captures the mood and setting of a property like aerial drone photography and video.  We shoot with 4k drones to capture every detail and deliver truly cinematic media.

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