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We understand that significant profits are on the line so we are here to serve those who care about quality and a fast turn around. As a high quality low volume vendor, we pay attention to detail and use a labor intensive photography process of off-camera flash composite photography combined with tilt shift architecture lenses.  This process produces accurate colors, clear views out of windows, and natural shadows.  Select the amount of coverage you need for your listing and then complete your custom package in the next step by adding the other essentials like video and floor plans.

Media Pricing


Call for a quote on photography for larger estates

Full Packages

Video + Photos + Drone + Floor Plan

Cinematic Video Tour (60-120 sec)

A La Carte

$100 Instagram Video Reel

$150 Cinematic Video Tour (60s)

$225 Cinematic Video Tour (60-120s)

$300 Cinematic Video Tour (120-180s)

$150 Drone Photo Session (10-20)

All About Lighting

Luxury photography is all about lighting.  Careful balancing of flash and window light is what sets Citadel apart and gives us that signature bright clean look.

Realistic Perspectives

We use tilt shift lenses to achieve magazine quality compositions with the absolute minimal levels of distortion.  

If your property includes some beautiful acreage then let’s show that off with high stunning aerial images.  Call for a quote.

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